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Welcome to NewSound Hearing Centers

In 2010, NewSound Hearing Centers came to serve the community of Uvalde. We specialize in providing more than just a science dealing with hearing. We are a team of professionals who value and believe in providing great customer service and genuine care to aid in treating hearing issues to improve the ability to hear and communicate comfortably. We offer treatment for general hearing loss issues, repairing of hearing aids and accessories, and we provide solutions for those who suffer with tinnitus.

Our providers have brought a wealth of expertise in the hearing industry to NewSound. We specialize in delivering the highest quality service to ensure the most satisfying customer care experience for patients suffering with hearing loss or tinnitus. We are also skilled specifically in hearing aid modification.

The NewSound team is adept in performing various services that include hearing tests, cerumen management (wax removal), ear canal examinations, comprehensive hearing evaluations and more.

Our staff offers hearing aid maintenance, cleanings, fittings, programming and performance verifications, custom ear molding, hearing protection and hearing aid batteries.

NewSound Hearing Centers

(830) 225-1641

321 E Main St, Uvalde, TX 78801
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NewSound Hearing Centers

(830) 225-1641
321 E Main St, Uvalde, TX 78801
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